The essential digital tool for area managers.

PlatformU is a free online platform to help area managers to collect data on material use, waste, amount of available space and even staffing capacity.

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The future depends on sustainable production

Cities are vast consumers of resources, yet are dependent on sustainable sources of goods and materials. We’re competing on a global scale. Goods that are produced locally, that are more energy efficient, that are more affordable and support local jobs, will eventually help us all.

Sustainable production needs area managers

Sustainable production is a team effort. Businesses can depend on each other for materials and technology, to manage waste, to share skilled labour or just to provide some good advice. This could all be located just around the corner. The area manager is a role that is increasingly important for the larger urban production system. The area manager may help connect businesses, facilitate project opportunities, explore ways to save money or invest in infrastructure.

Area managers need help

The role of the area manager can be highly complex. It can involve tracking resources in and out of certain areas. It can mean identifying what kind of equipment is available and can be shared locally. It may involve looking for local experts to help develop a project or solve a problem. It may also mean finding a meeting room or a spare piece of storage space. Keeping an eye on all of this can be seriously complex. This is why we developed PlatformU.